Is DinoPark suitable for small children?

Absolutely! It is possible that small children will be afraid a bit of a giant Tyrannosaurus, but it’s certainly nothing so terrible… A playground with many attractions and also other models apart from carnivorous dinosaurs (Maiasaura with babiess in the nest etc.) are ideal for small children.

Are dogs allowed to the DinoPark?

To DinoPark Algar yes. Just please remember that your pet will be surrounded here by children, so a leash and a muzzle are necessary. The owner of the dog is under all circumstances responsible for his animal (watching, cleaning after the dog, potential damage). We do not forbid dogs to enter, but we believe in the responsibility of our visitors. To let the dog run free in DinoPark is, however, not allowed at all.

How much are the parking and toilet fees?

None, there are no hidden fees in DinoPark.

Are there any group reductions?

Yes. If you are in group of 4 or more, you can get discount 10%.

Is DinoPark suitable for disabled?

Yes it is accesible, but in some parts you can occur some difficulties because of the nature of terrain.

What other attractions does the park offer?

Apart from robotic and static models of dinosaurs there are more attractions.
3D cinema – the film Triceratops is 11 minutes long and is screened all the day without a break.
Mar Infantil – small swimming pool for childrens.
Children paleontological playground – Kids, can you find in the sand and identify the skeleton of a prehistoric creature?

How long is to take to visit the parque?

The visit of parque will take aprox. 1-2 hours, but with small children can be even longer.